Je n'ai Rien Négligé
I overlook nothing

This painting is a mélange of images, impressions and ideas gathered on an early spring day.

We began the morning by wandering through one of the most delightful street markets in Paris, Le Marché aux Fleurs, a two-hundred-year-old plant and flower market tucked away on the Ile de la Cité.  Every Sunday these glass-enclosed greenhouses play host to the Le Marché aux Oiseaux, where all manner of bird sing, cry and coo.

Continuing our Sunday meandering we headed off to the Jardin du Luxembourg to savor the sights and sounds of people celebrating the unexpectedly glorious weather. The garden was teeming with people strolling the footpaths, lying on the grass, basking by the fountain, reading quietly in the shade, playing with children, …everyone pleased and content to be liberated from winter constraints.

After admiring the bounties of the garden, we paused to refresh at a little outdoor café nestled in the trees. There we sketched and wrote and talked about the visual wonders of the day.

The setting of this painting is an interpretation of that café, peopled with very real waiters and rather fanciful clientele. Seated before us is the springtime beauty who intrigued us in the bird market but hours before. We quietly note that she had chosen a rather drab little companion lest more colorful plumage compete with her own. 

Our admiration is mocked by the woman in the background, whose knowing smile suggests her observations are keener than our own.

Kristen chose the title to acknowledge the main character's pursuit of perfection
in developing her persona and to honor the artist's pursuit of perfection
in developing his Women in Paris.